White Car Paper Floor Mats,50 Disposable Floor Pads,Temporary Car Floor Protector,15.7×19.3inch



Price: $19.99
(as of Oct 27, 2023 17:09:12 UTC – Details)

This is a very practical car floor protection pad kit for all types of vehicles,including sedans,SUVs,MPVS and more.They can easily be placed in the foot pit area of the front or rear seats of the car,or in the trunk,where paper pads protect the vehicle’s cleanliness when you get mud or rain on the soles of your shoes – it’s disposable,so you can reduce the cleaning hassle when it gets dirty.
Car paper floor MATS are simple in design,but very practical to use and bring you great convenience.You just need to put these disposable paper car MATS on the carpet to protect your carpet.They’re paper.They’re easy to get rid of.
When you use this car carpet protection paper,you can easily keep the car floor clean.Make your car look clean and tidy,giving you a comfortable driving experience.Can be used in cars,motorhomes,homes,boats,etc.
The self-designed car paper floor mat is printed with cute footprints and greetings to express the store’s care for the vehicle.While protecting,it also provides a great customer experience.
19.3×15.7 inches (49x40CM),a total of 50 disposable paper floor MATS for cars,enough to keep the interior clean for a long time at a low cost.


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