VEVA 9000 Premium HEPA Replacement Filter 2 Pack Including 4 Carbon Pre Filters Compatible with VEVA ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifier



Price: $63.99
(as of Oct 28, 2023 07:43:20 UTC – Details)

Keep the air in your home fresh and safe using the VEVA ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifier with High-Grade H13 Premium Filter and Small Dust & Carbon Pre-filters!
Pet owners, smokers, people suffering from asthma or allergies trust VEVA for their needs, whether to remove odors, smells, allergens, pet hair, dust or smoke from their household.
►High-Grade H13 Premium Filter – ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifier offers the most affordable & longest lasting replacement HEPA filter of any full-size air purifier. Captures dust and allergens – High-Grade H13 Premium Filter filter captures airborne particles, as small as 0.3 microns in size including pollen, bacteria, mold spores, dust, pet dander, and smoke.
► Eliminate Odor – Premium activated carbon filters remove odors from pets, smoking, cooking & more. -Small Dust & Carbon Pre-filters – Extend the life of your HEPA filter by capturing small particles such as lint, hair, and dust.
At VEVA Advanced Filters, we want to ensure you are breathing easy in the comfort and safety of your home. If you have any problems with our filters or purifiers, contact us and we will find a solution together!

Clean Air is a core part of your health & happiness. VEVA develops air purification systems that deliver high-quality air. VEVA puts customers first by focusing on providing premium quality air purifiers and filters at the most affordable prices.
ELIMINATES ODORS – Premium small dust and activated carbon pre-filters remove odors from pets, smoking, cooking and more. Uses activated charcoal nano-technology to provide fresh clean air throughout a large room and help extend the life of your HEPA filter.
VALUE PACK – This value pack includes 2 HEPA Filter along with 4 Small Dust & Activated Carbon Pre-Filters. This complete set eliminates the need to cut, clean or vacuum pre-filters and extends the life of the main HEPA filter.
SUPERIOR VALUE – The VEVA 9000 has the lowest filter replacement cost, compared to other air purifiers of similar size. It also has the longest lasting HEPA filters on the market that only need to be changed every 6-12 months depending on usage.
PERFECT FIT EACH TIME – Designed for the ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifier Models. Effectively optimize the air filtering and purifying process.


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