SPTA 3 Inch (75mm) Wool Buffer 3″ Wool Buffing Pad Lambwool Wool Buffing polishing Pads, 6 Pcs Kit with Hook & Loop 5/8″-11 Thread Drill Adapter for Car Polishing and Buffing



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Product Description



Product Features:

1. The wool polishing disk can be used alone directly polishing.

2. With the polishing liquid (paste, powder) together with the polished car surface can achieve better polishing effect.

3. It can deal with the traces left by the previous process of polishing.

4. this product is made of artificial fiber made of high quality synthetic wool polishing pads, can be matched with the vast majority of pneumatic, electric grinding and polishing machine on the market.

6. This wool polishing pad can be washed and reused, which can reduce the cost and economic savings.

Package Included:

4 x 3″ Wool pad

1 x 3″ Backing Pad

1 x 5/8”-11 TPI thread adapter


The wool polishing disk should be cleaned and flattened before use, make sure there are no particles left in. After use, the discs should be cleaned immediately and air dried in a cool place.




High quality

Made of high-density artificial fiber plush, it has high softness and will not add scratches to polished objects.


It should be cleaned and flattened before use to ensure that there is no residual particles. Use, should be immediately cleaned and placed in a cool place to air dry.

Good adhesion, not easy to fall

The back of the fleece disc is pasted with thick nylon material, and it will not affect the adhesion force after being pasted many times.




Drill Adapter Size

Diameter: 3″ (75mm)

Height: 1.2″ (30mm)

Polishing Pad Size

Brand: SPTA

Color: Black

Fleece front: 4 inches (100 mm)

Base pad size: 3 inches (75 mm)

Thickness: 0.7 inches

Strong practicality

Advanced manufacturing process, each polishing pad has a uniform and delicate density, evenly polished to better protect your car.




Used with Multiple Machines

The wool ball polishing series matches most pneumatic and electric grinding and polishing machines on the market.

Wherever You Need

Widely used, can be used for car polishing, artificial stone panels and floors, wood lacquer and so on.

Polishing Comparison

Used for Auto car detail polishing, can bring good result of car paint surface when used with the polishing liquid (paste, powder).

◆Adhesive design hook&loop backing plate – Use it more convenient, you can change the woolen buffer pad fast.
◆Widely Application: Fits 5/8-11 TPI Spindle, Synthetic hook and loop attachment polishing bonnet (made of super clean effect, with extra fine surface). Can be used on anything that needs Polishing or buffing, like cars, van, glass, stone, ceramic etc.
◆Easy To Use: With light weight and adhesive backing, really easy to assemble, you can replace pads just in seconds. Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine or for auto car detail polishing.
◆What You Get: 4 pcs 3 inch (75mm) wool polishing pads, 1 pc 3 inch (75mm) backing plate, 1 pc thread adapter.


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