Sonax (230200-755) Wheel Cleaner Full Effect – 16.9 fl. oz.,Silver



Price: $21.60
(as of Oct 27, 2023 23:43:39 UTC – Details)

Special wheel cleaner to remove stubborn dirt such as baked on brake dust and other road grime from painted steel and light alloy wheel rims – also chromed and polished rims. Its neitral pH value ensures gentle cleaning. Wheel coating or lug nuts will not be damaged.
Watch It Work: The Color Changing Formula Activates When It Comes In Contact With The Ferrous Metals (Iron) From Brake Dust Or Other Dirt And Grime. Full Effect Sprays On Fluorescent Yellow, Then Turns Deep Red Or Purple As It Dissolves Brake Dust
Advanced And Effective Chemistry: Full Effect, Non Acid Wheel Cleaner Attaches And Emulsifies Stubborn Baked On Brake Dust. Simply Spray On, Let It Dwell, Watch For Color Change, Agitate If Necessary, And Rinse With Water. *For Best Results Rinse Using High Pressure Water
Full Effect Is Great For Both The Diy (Do-It-Yourself) And The Professional. Effortlessly Achieve Shining Wheels That Will Make Your Vehicle Look Like It Just Rolled Off The Showroom Floor


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