Roof Rack Rail Package Silver Compatible with GMC Acadia Sport Utility(2011-2016) 19213474 23255469



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What is Roof Rack
A roof rack is an external vehicle accessory, typically consisting of crossbars and supports, allowing users to transport oversized items efficiently. It enhances the vehicle’s practicality by providing a roof-mounted freight-carrying solution.

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Number Of Pieces: 2

Aluminium Alloy

Color: Silver

Placement On Vehicle: Upper,Roof

Weight Capacity: 150Lbs


Roof Rack

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

How to install Roof Rack
Installing the roof rack is straightforward. First, identify mounting points on the vehicle roof. Align the rack’s feet with these points and fix them securely. Next, attach crossbars onto the feet. Finally, double-check the installation for stability and adjust if necessary.

Function of Roof Rack
Roof rack offers additional freight space, enabling easy transportation of bulky items like luggage, recreational gear, or outdoor equipment. It helps declutter the vehicle’s interior, enhancing passenger comfort during travels.

Instruction of Roof Rack
The roof rack ensures you can carry extra luggage and gear on top of your vehicle without compromising passenger space. It’s designed to be durable, weather-withstand, and easy to install. Follow the user manual for proper assembly and safe usage.
Number Of Pieces: 2
Material:Aluminium Alloy;Aluminum
Placement On Vehicle: Upper,Roof
Weight Capacity: 150Lbs


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