OGLAND 100% Natural Fur Sheepskin Universal car seat Covers for seat Cushion Accessories Automobiles (3 Pack Front, Black)



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OGLAND Sheepskin Wool Car Seat Cover Cushion PadOGLAND Sheepskin Wool Car Seat Cover Cushion Pad

OGLAND Sheepskin Car Decor

Sheepskin brings with it comfort, durability, quality, luxury and protection. It provides the ultimate comfort for Riding


OGLAND is a brand which get sheepskin from Australia and processes it in China donkey’s years.

Sheepskin is Naturally Resilient, Naturally flame Retardant,Absorbs Moisture,Hypo-allergenic, Insulates Against both heat and cold.

OGLAND’s Sheepskin Products presents a great way to upgrade the appearance of your car’s interior, protect your original seat, and add comfort and style to your ride.

OGLAND Sheepskin Products

Why Choose OGLAND Sheepskin Products?

OGLAND Sheepskin have gone through a rigorous grading process to ensure we’re only offering you the best.

Are sheepskin car seat covers any good?

Sheepskin seat covers keep people cool and protect their skin in summer. They actually draw any excess moisture away from the body. Sheepskin car seat covers also ensure motorists stay warm and comfortable.

How do I stop my sheepskin from smelling?

When you first unwrap your sheepskin rug, we recommend venting it outside or in a ventilated room for a few hours. This should make the smell start to disappear by itself.

★ RIDE IN COMFORTABL for ANY SEASON: Warmth and comfort it adds in midwinter, and it will be equally nice on bare legs in the summer, as wool is a naturally wicking and thermal-regulating fiber. It allows you to get away from the heat and uncomfortable feeling of hot leather seats in the summer, but also in the winter to bring you a warm and comfortable feeling. This seat cover offers a luxurious, soft feel and excellent durability.
★ UNIVERSAL SIZE: Universal size Seat Cover is fit most cars, SUVs, Truck and Minivans. The seat cushion is quick and easy to install; The back side of sheepskin seat cover is sponge with non-slip silica gel dots back, relying on these grippy-dot silicone surface of the pad to keep it in place on the seat. And There is two elastic straps and buckles, which can be pushed through the crack between seat and back until they flip and catch on the other side to secure the seat cushion.
★ LUXURIOUS DESIGN: Unique design the perfect rear curve perfectly matches the seat and Sheepskin Pillows, which looks very luxurious. Upgrade the appearance of car’s interior, protect original seat, and add comfort and style to ride. Made of plush, 100% pure Australian Merino sheepskin, this seat cover offers a luxurious, soft feel and excellent durability. With its sideless design, it is the perfect choice for seats that contain side airbags or attached armrests.
★ CLEANING&CARE TIPS: Regularly vacuum your sheepskin seat covers to remove dust and lint or shake them out. If you spill something sticky or oily on the covers, quickly remove the excess and then spot clean the area with mild liquid hand soap. Let the covers dry naturally, out of direct sunlight. For a deeper cleaning, it is better to dry wash. If your seat covers are identical and fit equally on both front seats, you may wish to switch the seat covers to rotate wear and sun exposure.
★ USING TIPS: Because of the tightly packaged for delivery, However, wool is very resilient and will bounce back to their original springy apearance. A vigorous shake or blowing the pad with a hair dryer will also help restore the soft, fluffy appearance. Any fold marks of wool from packaging will disappear after several days, and you will get the fluffy plush effect like the picture.
★ GOOD CHOICE for GIFTS: It adds a luxurious touch to your car interior. Its excellent elasticity and recovery ability ensure to achieve great texture and feel. In addition to being used as a car seat cover, this seat pad can also be used for decoration, chair, home, desk, sofa, living room, bedroom, office, etc. It is the perfect gift for you and your amily/friends


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