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Perls ShampooPerls Shampoo

Perls Shampoo: Don’t Call it a Soap

Carwash Shampoo vs. Carwash Soap

Unlike traditional car wash soaps, Perls Shampoo is a pH neutral shampoo – 7.5 to be exact. Yes, there’s a difference between calling something a soap and a shampoo. Soaps have a higher alkaline content (typically around pH 8-9) than shampoos which make them more aggressive towards greases and oils. Unfortunately, they can’t always distinguish between grease and car wax. Car wash soaps, the ones you typically buy for a few dollars a gallon in the big box stores are low cost because they use low cost high alkaline detergents. They make amazing suds but they’re not so good for your paint finish over the long term.

The pH Neutral Difference

Perls Shampoo is different because it’s pH neutral so it doesn’t produce a lot of suds (a drawback of being pH neutral) but it’ll make your wash water very slick allowing dirt and grime to glide off the paint finish without scratching. Another advantage: pH neutral shampoos are better at removing hard water mineral deposits than soap based cleaners.

A Boost of Protection and Gloss

Not only does it leave wax coatings untouched, Perls Shampoo contains polymers that bond to the paint finish to add a layer of protection while leaving a high gloss, spot-free finish. With regular use, you can get more life out of your wax finish with the added protection and gloss of Perls Shampoo.

Perls Shampoo Benefits Adds protection and gloss Removes grime and hard water mineral deposits Dirt and grime glide off for a scratch-free wash Leaves a spot-free finish

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using the power of advanced water-activated polymers, perls shampoo protects the surface with a water and dust-repelling finish and makes the paint finish glow. with regular use, polymers boost the protection and gloss of wax or sealant coating.
see immediate results. as you wash the polymers bond to the surface of the vehicle and forms a super hydrophobic layer causing water to bead and run off.
perls polymer finish has a self cleaning effect due to the slick finish that it leaves behind making it harder for sap, bird droppings, dust and pollen to stick.
developed and made in germany.Fit type: Universal Fit


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