KCRPM Car Scratch Repair Spray, 2023 New Nano Car Scratch Repair Spray, Car Scratch Repair Kit, Car Scratch Repair Spray Suitable Car Paint (3PCS, 30ML)



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Car Scratch Repair Spray( Suitable For All Colors Car Paint)!
1. Remove dirt and stains from the surface of the car and dry it with a towel.
2. Spray the cleaner directly on the desired area.
3. Wipe evenly with a towel or sponge until the surface is bright and smooth.
4. Enjoy amazing glitter effects!
5. Repair spray can also repair the interior to give the interior a new look

How to use:
Step1:Clean and dry the affected area and apply with internal cleaner
Step2:Apply Pour the nourishing cream on the sponge
Step3:Clean and dry
Step4:After 5 minutes of absorption, wipe with a towel

Product Name: Car Scratch Repair Spray
Coating thickness: about 30um
Gloss: Specular gloss with excellent high gloss
Anticorrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12
Heat resistance: up to 460 degrees
Capacity: 30ML/100ML
Uses: all types of car paints and finishes

Package contains:
1/2/3 pcs * Nano Car Scratch Repair Spray
2 pcs * Crystal Sponge
1 pcs *Nano Towel

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【 Nano Coating Technology】 Fast Flawless Repairing Scratch Spray,Coating technology can significantly reduce water stains, weathering, dirt and debris accumulation. Your car looks flawless because it forms a protective ceramic coating that prevents further scratches, abrasion, and discoloration.
【3 in 1 High Protection Quick Car Coating Spray】 Superhydrophobic Spray Sealant forms a hydrophobic layer that makes it harder for dust, dirt, and liquids to adhere to the surface, while further preventing scratches, abrasion and discoloration, keeping your car clean for longer.
【Gloss Finish】Leaves a shiny glossy finish for impressive results without waxing the car. No ugly white wax marks will leave and will give your car a whole new look! Suitable for body slush molding, plastic, tires and other parts. Say goodbye to car whitening, fading, aging, etc. And form a protective film on the surface of plastic parts. Prevents re-oxidation and fading. This is an absolute must for any automotive detail product!
【Ceramic Protective Coating】Can be mixed with any car paint color. Suitable for a variety of surfaces including wheels, chrome, paint, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine, leaving a protective coating from harmful UVA and UVB rays. A protective ceramic coating is formed to prevent further scratches, abrasion and deformation.


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