HiVehicle V7410 Iridium Spark Plug 41-114 12622441 Automobile spark plugs for GM,Chevrolet,for Cadillac,Pack of 8



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Product Description

iridium spark plugiridium spark plug

iridium spark plug 8 packiridium spark plug 8 pack

High-Performance Iridium Spark Plug

COMPANY INTRODUCTION Established Since 1992 . Produce Motorcycle spark plug from 1993. OEM motorcycle spark plug in domestic since 2000. Develop resistor type spark plug from 2002. Entering automotive spark plug range from 2005. Passed ISO/TS 16949 system in 2009. Use automatic producing and assembly line from 2012. New automotive spark plug plant established in 2014 .

HiVehicle iridium spark plug uses the precious metal-iridium with high temperature resistance, ablation resistance and excellent oxidation resistance. The diameter of the ignition end of the center electrode is close to 0.6MM, the ignition is stronger, the combustion is cleaner, the fuel saving is obvious, and it has a strong anti-interference effect, and the service life is 3-5 times that of a general spark plug.


spark plugsspark plugs

spark plugsspark plugs

spark plugsspark plugs

spark plugsspark plugs

Iridium Tip-Better than OE

360° continuous laser welded center electrode create reliable resistance to thermal shock occurred in new generation engines.

0.6mm Ultra fine wire iridium center electrode provide better ignitability

Embedded Copper Core

Copper cored center electrode has better heat dissipation, dissipate a lot of heat as quickly as possible to prevent overheating of spark plug firing end and engine damage.

Resistance powder

Glass sealant with resistors ensure conductivity and sealing property,provide protection from radio interference too.

Ceramic Insulator

Newly developed high performance ceramic T95 with excellent insulation, heat resistance and thermal conductivity required by spark plugs.It ensures outstanding dielectric mechanical strength of insulator.

Analysis of the Cause for Abmormal Combustion

spark plugsspark plugs

The proper servcing of spark plugs can help make the differnce in good engine performance and fuel economy.

An engine with adequate compression and proper fuel/air mixture may fail to properly ignite the fuel charge in one or more serveral ways,depending on the condiction of the spark plugs.

Misfire could be caused by improper fuel/air mixture in the cylinder.

However,the problem is more comonly caused by faulty ignition.

spark plugsspark plugs

Other copper spark plug

Others Copper

Working Life
Longer Life (vs. Standard Copper Plugs) Performs 4X Longer Performs 2X Longer Common

Precious Metal
Performance & Durability Premium Performance Better Performance Common

360° continuous laser welded center electrode
Increased Durability


Ultra fine wire iridium center electrode
Reduce ignition voltage and greatly improve ignition performance

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No Gapping Required
Optimal Spark & No Adjustment Necessary


OE-Matched Spark Position
Customized Compatibility


Nickel-Plated Shell
No Anti-Seize Required


OE Fine Wire Design
Reduced Voltage for Improved & Reliable Ignition


【Reduce the risk】:Hivehicle OE12622441 spark plugs Updated design reduce the risk of breaking off during working
【Increases Fuel Efficiency】: G-Power Iridium Alloy Spark Plugs 41-114 offer superior performance with improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and quicker starts
【Increased conductivity】: Increased conductivity and heat control for good overall. Stability: 0.5mm laser welded fine iridium tip reduces required voltage ensuring high durability and a consistently stable spark
【Durability】: Trivalent Metal Plating offers superior anti corrosion and anti seizing properties while the triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage


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