HILDA Mini Polisher,Cordless Polisher Used for Car Detail Processing and Polishing,Car Polisher with 5 Variable Speed 2500-6000RPM, 2 Batteries and 1 Battery Charger (1.5)



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Difference between 4 shafts

12mm Eccentric Shaft:Center offset 12mm and cover larger area when rotating3mm Eccentric Shaft:Center offset 3mm,between 12mm Eccentric Shaft and Straight ShaftStraight Shaft:Rotate around a center,focus on one particular area each time while you are polishingBrush Shaft:Rotate around a center and only for brush

Tip:At the same speed, the power is different when using different shafts or different pads. 12mm and rotary will be more powerful than 3mm. Wool pad will be more powerful than sponge pad. Please choose the speed gear and accessories according to the actual situation.


How long can a polishing pad polish?

Usually,the high quality pad can polish more than 20 times.The car detailing kit includes 42 polishing pads so you can use it for a long time.By the way, these pads are easy to buy, so you don’t have to worry when you run out of pads in the kit. You can also buy 1.5-inch pads with other functions, such as wave sponge pad and sandpaper pad, to meet your different needs.

Unique pad shape

The special shape of the sponge pad is less likely to damage the car’s paintwork than the traditional cylindrical sponge pad.Prevent the polishing disc from accidentally touching the surface of the car when in use, and protect your car to a greater extent.

Is there any other use besides car polishing?

AM05 is suitable for small area working surfaces with narrow positions such as plane, cavity, arc surface, fine gap and groove surface, which are not easy to be polished with conventional tools. AM05 can also be used in many places, such as metal, furniture, glass, floor, ceramic tiles, etc.

Car Detailing Kit Packing bag*1 Battery*2,Battery charger*1 Polishing disc*2 Wrench*2,instructions*1 1.5-inch polishing pad*42 Non-Eccentric Shaft*1 Brush shaft*1,Brush*1 12mm Eccentric Shaft*1, 3mm Eccentric Shaft*1


Car detailing polishing process (with wax and detergent)

1. Choose wool pad for rough polishing (Japanese wool pad is rougher than purple wool pad)

2. Choose sponge pad for fine polishing (rough green, medium blue, fine yellow)Best used with 12mm eccentric shaft or rotary shaft.

3. The blue microfiber pad is used for wax collection and cleaning

4.Clean the polishing area with a soft towel.

Tip:Novices can follow the above steps.If the car primer is damaged, it needs to be painted and repaired.According to the severity of the scratch, freely choose the pad with different roughness.

Powerful MotorPowerful Motor

5-speed Control Dial5-speed Control Dial

Ergonomics DesignErgonomics Design

80w Powerful Motor

80W powerful motor drives the polisher up to a speed of 6000 RPM, offering you strong polishing force and great polishing effect.

5-speed Control

Equipped with 5-speed control button, you can adjust the car polisher speed according to your different purpose.Just press the “+”or”-“to control the speed.

Ergonomics Design

The extended comfort handle grip, tailored body length.And the polisher weighs only 2.16 lbs.Ergonomics design makes it easily carried by one hand.


2 Batteries2 Batteries


Easy to change pads

Disc’s Velcro design can firmly adhere to the polishing pad.Hook and Loop make you change the different pads in 3s!

12V/2.0AH Battery

Long Battery life can maintain working in 60minutes long working without load. Switch up to the another battery once it needs to charged that makes it convinient to users.


The cordless design allows you to work without a socket. You don’t have to worry about the wire being a mess or tripping your child.

Narrow spacesNarrow spaces

【Variable Speeds】HILDA car polisher has 5 speeds available.You can change speed 2500rpm-6000rpm easily for different materials and applications:Low speed for waxing and buffing; Medium speed for polishing and cleaning;High speed for removing paint defects and oxidation. Please note that the power will be different for different shafts and pads. Please choose the right accessories.On/Off switch on the body of the polisher, let you control easily.
【Cordless Polisher & Lightweight】 Buffer polisher could satisfy your demand for convince using because wireless polishing machine would not need to find the electrical plug connection while you are polishing your car. This polisher can easily carry during the travel time because polisher only has 2.16lbs weight which you can lift it up by using one hand when you are polishing stuffs that make polisher so convenience.
【Replaceable Batteries】This Polishing machine owns 2 batteries and battery life can maintain 60 minutes without load to enrich your experience of car polishing, you can never anxiety about used up the power of polisher batteries because you can switch up to the second batteries once the first battery was running out the power.
【Multi-scene Use】Besides,this car detailing kit also intended for many other places. For example, car, bath, walls, floors which is the wonderful gift for your family members.In all scenarios, you need to choose the right speed and accessories. Otherwise you may find it useless or too much force.


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