Chemical Guys TVD11816 Galactic Black Wet Look Tire Shine Dressing, for a Whole New Level of Shine and Depth of Black, Safe for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RVs & More, 16 fl oz



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From the manufacturer

Transforms dusty, faded tires and trims to a glossy deep black finish! place holderplace holder Give your tires and exterior trim a deep wet shine

Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating is specifically formulated to take the depths of darkness to a whole new level to give tires and trim the dark and shiny look you want!

place holderplace holder Revive your dull and neglected tires and trim

The versatile formula doesn’t just revitalize your tires with a dark finish, it also works great on black rubber bumpers and black plastic trim!

place holderplace holder Durable UV protection to help prevent fading

Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating offers great protection against outside elements that can ruin your car’s appearance and also damage your tires along the way.

place holder Water resistant polymers

Galactic Black contains water resistant polymers and enhanced resin technology delivers a superior deep shine finish that lasts and lasts.

place holderplace holder The longer you leave it on, the more shine

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-high shine, new car shine, or medium shine, with Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating you can achieve whichever level of shine you want!

place holderplace holder Dry to the touch finish – won’t attract dust

Galactic Black’s oil-based water-resistant formula doesn’t just help resist rain, the slick formula also helps repel dirt and grime so your tires and trim stay cleaner longer.

Help Your Dressing Achieve The Best Bond Possible

Clean Any Surface In Seconds

Stains, grime, and dirt don’t stand a chance against the strength of Nonsense!

Reach Deep Into Pores

Knock out deep set dirt & grime on tires, mats, & more for a superior clean!

Perfectly Apply Product

Perfectly spread dressing, sealant, & wax for even coverage and maximum effect!

Gentle On Surfaces

Colorless, odorless, & pH balanced for the safest and most thorough cleaning!

Scrub Away Dirt & Debris

Stiff nylon bristles easily scrub away even the heaviest set dirt & debris!

Avoid Scratches & Swirls

Premium soft microfiber touch helps avoid damage on your sensitive surfaces!


Choosing The Right Dressing

Water-Based Protectant

Protect your interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic with one product!

Oil-Based Dressing

Restore heavily faded tires and trim to give your car a new look exterior!

Aerosol Spray Shine

Spray on instant shine and lasting protection to your tires and exterior trim!

Fresh Crisp Finish

Restore a crisp new shine with a dry-to-the-touch finish to tires, trim, & more!

High-Gloss Appearance

Enhance a high gloss shine to get your tires and trim looking like new again!

Deep Wet Shine

Achieve a deep wet shine to give your tires and trim a like new appearance!

Can I apply Galactic Black on the interior of my car?

No, Galactic Black is intended for exterior surfaces only.

What surfaces can I apply Galactic Black to?

Galactic Black can be applied to exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic pieces.

What’s the best way to make Galactic Black last longer.

We recommend cleaning the surface before hand with Nonsense Super Cleaner, once the surface has been cleaned, we recommend following it up with Galactic Black.

Can I apply more than one layer of Galactic Black onto my tires?

Yes, you may apply up to 4 coats of Galactic Black for the maximum shine!

What’s the best applicator to use when using Galactic Black?

For your tires, we recommend using the Durafoam Applicator Pad and for trims and vinyl, we recommend using a soft microfiber applicator.

Who We Are

Join The Movement, Discover The Lifestyle, And Uncover The Culture Of Car Care

Chemical Guys is more than a company, it’s a lifestyle. Join the movement and discover the culture of passion and dedication to all things car care that has garnered us a worldwide following. Learn to completely care for your vehicle and find the products you need to elevate your car from a lackluster ride to a statement that reveals your inner shine. Become a part of the Chemical Guys Family and uncover the true meaning of pride and passion!

CONTROL YOUR LEVEL OF SHINE – The shine you want, ultra-high tire shine, new car shine, or medium shine; Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating can achieve the level of shine you want; the longer you leave the spray on your tires, the more shine you’ll see
FINISHES DRY TO THE TOUCH – Unlike other tire shines and plastic dressings that leave surfaces feeling greasy and slimy, Clear Liquid Extreme Shine finishes dry to the touch with a non-slippery feel and helps avoid attracting fresh dirt and dust
SPRAYABLE FORMULA IS EASY TO APPLY – Galactic Black Wet Shine is sprayable and easy to apply; now anyone can achieve a professional deep shine and add durable protection all on their own; fast and easy!
USE IT ON ALL YOUR TRIM, BUMPERS & TIRES – Galactic Black not only works to restore and protect your tires, but can be applied to any rubber, vinyl, and plastic pieces around your car’s exterior to enhance shine and protection
THE GO TO BRAND IN CAR CARE – Car lovers choose Chemical Guys, not only for the finest car care products, but the world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge Chemical Guys is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle with a worldwide following



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