Avecrew Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles, Outdoor Heavy Duty Full Exterior Covers for Sedan(194″-208″)



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Product Description

car cover car cover

car covers for automobiles   car covers for automobiles

waterproof car coverwaterproof car cover Spring – dropped bird droppings, dust, scratches, industrial pollution Summer – rain and UV protection Autumn – fallen leaves, branches, dirt Winter – snow, ice, and frost, extreme temperatures

Avecrew Car Cover Waterproof All Weather for Automobiles

Owing a car covers for automobiles all weather waterproof has more car owner benefits than you may realize. Typically, the right full exterior car cover keeps outdoor elements like rain, snow, bird droppings, and dust from collecting on your vehicle. It protects against scratches and other minor forms of damage. Besides, it also helps moderate the temperature inside the vehicle. After all, a cover will block out the sun on a hot day and provide an extra layer of insulation on a cold one.

Made of high-density polyester fabric, breathable fabric allows the car to be used in any weather Durable, colorfast, UV resistant, and 100% waterproof Avecrew car cover protects your car from rain, snow, dust, and bird droppings all day long The silver coating enhances water resistance and protects the vehicle surface from scratches Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

car covers for automobiles all weather waterproofcar covers for automobiles all weather waterproof

all weather protectionall weather protection


theft protectiontheft protection

Protect your vehicle against the elements. Harmful UV rays can cause the paintwork to look dull and crack the dashboard. A outdoor full exterior cover protects your sedan from sun damage, dust, bird droppings, acid rain, snow, and other pollutants.

See “cat walk” on your lovely car, tired of the footprints and scratches of cats and squirrels? It can be very frustrating and expensive to have the scratches repaired. It is time to protect your vehicle from animal scratches by covering a Avecrew car cover on it!

An outdoor car cover keeps the contents of your vehicle hidden from casual observers, so there’s less of a chance someone will decide they need to get into your car and steal your shopping bags, stereo, or anything else.

Windproof Design

4 wheel windproof straps4 wheel windproof straps

Central Adjustable Straps and BucklesCentral Adjustable Straps and Buckles

Elastic Hem Sew in AroundElastic Hem Sew in Around

4 Wheel Durable Straps

Central Adjustable Straps and Buckles

Elastic Hem Sew in Around

Fit Length 186 to 193 inch Fit Length 194 to 208 inch Fit Length 182 to 191 inch

Fit Sedan Fit Sedan Fit SUV/Jeep

Sun & UV Protection

Water & Rain Protection

Dust & Dirt Protection

Wind Protection

Snow Protection

【 High-Quality Material】- Car cover waterproof all weather is made of high-quality and safe fabrics. The streamlined design and superior craftsmanship provide high-quality lasting protection for our products. Car covers for automobiles are engineered to be durable, colorfast, UV resistant, and water resistant to keep your car dry and warm in all seasons, for outdoor and indoor protection.
【Windproof Design】- Avecrew outdoor full car cover equipped with 4 durable straps fixed on wheels, added central adjustable straps and buckles at the bottom to protect your sedan car cover from blowing off on windy days. Elastic hem keeps the car cover securely in your car. Double-stitched seams for adding durability. Its windproof design ensures that the cover won’t blow away when left alone on blustery days.
【How to choose right size 】- Avecrew cover size: 208” L x 72.8”W x 51”H. To choose a car cover of the right size, you need to measure your car from the front bumper to back bumper, side to side (from the outermost edge of your mirrors), and top to bottom (from the bottom of the wheel to the uppermost part of your car). This way, you can make certain to order a car cover that fits your sedan perfectly. If you have no idea about the size still, please contact us directly!
【After-Sale Warranty] – After receiving your all weather car cover, if there are any problems with your car cover’s size or some other defects, please feel free to contact Avecrew after-sale service mail for help. We would settle your issues in no time.



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